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Nitin  Sawhney  is  one  of  the  most  distinctive  and  versatile  musical  voices  around  today,  achieving  an  international  reputation  across  every  possible  creative  medium.

In  2017  he  received  the  Ivor  Novello  Lifetime  Achievement  award,  and  is  firmly  established  as  a  world-class  producer,  songwriter,  DJ,  multi-instrumentalist,  orchestral  composer  and  cultural  pioneer. Most recently, Nitin has been appointed Chair of Trustees for PRS Foundation, the UK’s leading charitable funder of new music and talent development. Sawhney also holds 7 honorary doctorates.

Sawhney  has  become  a  modern-day ‘Renaissance  man  in  the  worlds  of  music,  film,  videogames,  dance  and  theatre.  His  endless  creative  curiosity  makes  him  a  formidable  polymath  across  the  whole  artistic  range  of  media  associated  with  the  music  industry.

With  over  20  studio  albums  to  his  name,  including  solo  albums,  film  soundtracks  and  compilations,  he  has  received  a  substantial  wealth  of  major  national  and  international  awards  for  the  work.

In 2018 Sawhney completed the entire composition of Warner Bros / Netflix epic film ‘Mowgli’ which had its world premiere at the end of 2018.


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